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At the beginning of last century this place was called "Bar Elie". At that time it was smaller in size than today. In its tiny kitchen, Madame Elie used to cook a unique dish, once a week, on Saturdays: roast pigeon. And what a pigeon!
During the art deco period, in 1923, the restaurant was entirely transformed to become the one admired by all its clientele today; mosaic flooring was laid, a fashionable frieze was carved into the ceiling, a bar counter in pewter was fitted and the walls were covered with mirrors. Alcoves, luggage racks and hatstands evoke a turn of the century dining-car, while the wild boar’s head greeting you at the door, hunting trophy of the last emperor of Vietnam, Bao-Daï, triggers off conversation between huntsmen, explorers and amateurs of History alike. 
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